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Architects: Fearon Hay Architects Location: Auckland Airport (AKL), Ray Emery Dr, Auckland, New Zealand Architects In Charge: Tim Hay, Jeff Fearon, Doug Weir, Matt Roberts Area: 180 sqm Year: 2014A sculptural built form is sited on the corner of two recently upgraded streets, one heavily traffic based & one focussed on the pedestrian. The functional brief was simple – a flexible space for hosting events, meetings & introducing the strategy & opportunities behind the developing precinct. Beyond these functional requirements, the brief was aspirational – the architecture should demonstrate opportunities for innovative design & sustainable operation.
Architects: O-Office Architecture Location: Cannaregio, Venice, Italy Architect In Charge: Jianxiang HE & Ying Jiang Design Team: Thomas Odorico, Yang Liu Area: 390 sqm Year: 2014
The project links all these spaces and objects through new metal installations – which we call miniature architecture – that connect the multitude of historical building elements comprising the EMG Venice gallery. Designed as a hybrid corridor, the bigger metal installation brings the visitors from the entrance hall to further rooms. Instead of doors, black metal boxes act as an interface between different spatial and tectonic environments, thus making transitions from one time/space to another.
Architects: James Russel Architect Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia Design Team: James Russell, Andrew Shindler, John Ellway Area: 210 sqm Year: 2013The house is configured as a series of two story pavilions that run down the depth of the block, each separated by a courtyard containing landscape, gathering spaces and a pool.
Architects: BAAG Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Architect In Charge: Griselda Balian, Gabriel Monteleone, Gaston Noriega, Maria Emilia Porcelli Area: 360 sqm Year: 2014The house is organized around a central area that includes yards and voids at double height and conforms the main inner space, a kind of hub that provides a common view and a sort of expansion to all the rooms… The scouts -organized by age groups- work on a series of slabs, in the shape of alternating trays that communicate by means of door-like panels or sliding wooden partitions, which encourage interaction and communication between the different parts of the house. The ground floor is connected with the garden (back yard) by folding door/windows that allows a fluid connection. Every sector of the house has a unique identity with changing qualities that generate a playful, dynamic atmosphere and encourage unlimited articulation and social participation.
The Kite String Tangle - Arcadia

Architects: Vincent Coste Location: Toulon, France Area: 200.0 sqm Year: 2013The plan of this villa is in a triangle. It has a double vision: it opens on the bay of Sanary and that of Toulon. The idea was to orient each space on both panoramas, hence his plane triangle which allowed to develop a greater frontage of 35 meters long.
Architects: Planmaestro, Cristián Schmitt Rivera Location: Lo Barnechea, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile Structure: Eduardo Zégers Area: 107 sqm Year: 2009The commission was to design a small house for a young couple, to be placed north of an existing house on the same family lot. The site, located at the suburb of El Arrayán and approximately 1000 meters above sea level, has a steep slope to the south-east, that opens a dramatic view of the valley in that direction. The house is organized in two parallel volumes, displaced to sit on the uneven terrain and both facing the view to the east. The lower volume accommodates two bedrooms, each with space for desk, closet and bathroom.

Timo Lenzen Germany
Architects: h2o architectes Location: 5 Rue de l’Épée de Bois, Paris, France Area: 300 sqm Year: 2014The nursery is built on three levels, the children occupying the ground -floor and first floor. Technical and private spaces are relegated to the basement. This level is lit by an English courtyard offering views on linear plantations at the base of the façades. A trellis encourages climbing plants to develop high into an envelope of light canvas. The latter acts as a visual protection from the windows of the nursery.
David Raffoul has designed Kangaroo, a clock with a pocket for Fabrica.
Architects: Raw Architecture Workshop Location: Stromness, Orkney, UK Architect In Charge: Graeme Laughlan, Michael Fostiropoulos Area: 169 sqm Year: 2014The Clients, a young couple already living and working in this isolated location, were keen that we develop the proposals to capture the spectacular sun rise views over the mountains and sun set behind the islands. Given the topography of the site our early response was to locate the living spaces on the upper portion of the plot, with sleeping accommodation and entry level stacked below.
Architects: Esculpir el Aire Location: 03170 Rojales, Alicante, Spain Architect In Charge: José Angel Ruiz Cáceres Area: 77.0 sqm Year: 2008The entrance to the building has a large projecting sliding door which is an integral part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Alicia Constantine: Open Exit