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Architects: Marge Arkitekter Location: Södra Blasieholmshamnen, Stockholm, Sweden Area: 322 sqm Year: 2013The design is based on an elementary form – the cone, framing different views over the water. The cones are combined in different ways to meet the demands of the different businesses, resulting in buildings with no specific fronts or backs. Each building is unique but together they create a cohesive expression for the boat and pedestrian traffic of Strömkajen.


Architects: Miguel Montor Location: Querétaro, Mexico Area: 2,500 sqm Year: 2013
Architects: PARC Architectes Location: Bondy, France Area: 1,800 sqm
This auditorium is a new symbol in the suburban city of Bondy. Suburbs have built an empire of shopping malls, individual houses and parking lots. Located on the outskirts of Paris, Bondy has a loose and low-density urban fabric. The architecture of the building plays with the aesthetics of the hangar : a very simple square plan and an undulated metal skin. Unlike a traditional hangar, it opens to its context through a series of arches, letting in natural light and views. Inside, every space has a specific acoustics related to its function and its ambiance.
Architects: LVPH Location: Fribourg, Moselle, France Year: 2013The Windig project proposes to create small habitable structures scattered throughout the park. The rental of these turrets will fund the maintenance of the park. Each turret is 5,5m x 5,5m x 9m and is equipped minimally: one shower, one toilet, a small kitchen and a wood stove (the only source of heating).
Darker Than Wax EP release: track #1 - Suture

First track fromthey upcoming EP “Suture” released on Darker Than Wax at the start of 2014.

“Suture is a medical device used to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery.”


(via Black Gold homeware collection by Quintus Kropholler is made of tarmac)
as excitement builds around the quickly approaching world cup final, designer rick hincks brings us a series of minimalist graphic posters illustrating some of the most memorable game time moments. only 2 colors — the one that represents the club, and white — are chosen, with drawn, diagram-like layouts describing the course of play. a key at the prints’ bottom left delineates the action, players involved, and path. ‘each diagram contains the lines of the pitch and the goal frame’ hincks describes ‘around the pitch, the players from both sides are marked, showing their exact positions when the ball is struck or saved. along with this, the path of the ball is also shown as are any significant runs made by players who contribute to the moment.’

Architects: Kengo Kuma and Associates Location: Aix-en-Provence, France Design Team: Kengo Kuma, Diego Lopez Arahuetes, Miruna Constantinescu, Natalia Sanz, Elise Fauquenbergue, Miguel Orellana, Junki Wakuda, Tristan Zelic, Magnus Casselbrant, Ioanna Angelidou, Yuki Ito, Emilie Bret, Majid Katir, Roman Martin, Dennis Cheung, Chao Chen Area: 1,796 sqm Year: 2013The project is a complex of the music conservatory, its concert hall and various other facilities.
Architects: Campos Leckie Studio Location: Baja California Sur, Mexico Area: 1,600 sqftZacatitos 02 is an architectural experiment that fully explores the concept of architecture as a device which mediates occupation of the site and experience of the landscape. It presents a minimal architectural aesthetic wherein interior and exterior blend seamlessly, lightly demarcated by large operable glazing panels. The detail-oriented minimalism evoke an inevitability that is a direct reflection of the frugality and sparseness that is the ethos of this landscape.
in BBDO portugal’s most recent work for mercedes-benz, the creative agency set out to promote big wave rider garrett mcnamara’s sponsorship to help challenge the massive wave breaks at nazaré north canyon in the north of portugal. since mercedes-benz officially supports mcnamara with vehicles only on the road, BBDO proposed for the german luxury brand to provide him with official vehicles also in the ocean, specifically a surfboard deemed as the ‘silver arrow of the seas’. for the first time, technicians, engineers and designers at mercedes-benz AMG in stuttgart developed a surfboard with a telemetry system: a transmitter inside garrett’s wetsuit measures his surfing performance. the board was created specifically for garrett mcnamara’s trademark riding style and tailored for catching big waves.